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Disease, Disorder, or Condition

AD/HD and related disorders

Alzheimer's Dementia


Weight Loss, Metabolic Syndrome, and Diabetes

Disease, Disorder, or Condition

The information provided in this section regarding the health topics listed is either from cited publications of stature or is considered to be common knowledge within various professions. The reader will note the conspicuous absence, in most cases, of discussions regarding specific prescribed drugs. This is your physician’s area of expertise. Only he can “diagnose, prescribe, or treat“. Our aim in this section is to report to you what the most recent scientific literature says about “prevention, arrest, or delay”.

Prescribed drugs today are seen by many as critical to patients seeking a better quality of life. Nevertheless, the fact is that most prescribed medications have powerful chemical components that only treat the symptoms of the disease, not the underlying cause. Consequently, such powerful medications almost always increase free radical damage at the cellular level, resulting in negative side-effects, many not seen for 5-20 years.

The emphasis in the studies listed within this section is on what physicians call “First Step Therapy”. In essence, start with safe, effective, and inexpensive efforts to improve lifestyles whenever possible before prescribing new medications, radiation, or surgery.

The list of topics of interest on this site will change and expand with time.

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